Quality Management

Quality management at MGI ensures that its products and services are consistent.

These management practices also ensure that the focus is not only on the end quality of products but also on the means to achieve it. Accordingly, the project mangers at MGI have adopted a number of quality management practices. As a result, the products are manufactured at right time and of the right quality. MGI’s in house facility of testing equipment facilitates these practices and helps the organization to benchmark the standards.

Product Manufactured at Time

Quality Product

Benchmark Organizational Standard
These principles which drive MGI towards quality performance are:


MGI has benchmarked the qualitative and quantitative parameters for achieving greater efficiency in its processes. By analyzing and taking a suitable combination of internal and external benchmarking, MGI has set up standards for various KPI’s aiding the accomplishment of deliverables. These standards are revised from time to time as and when deemed necessary.

Control Charts

Once the qualitative parameters have been established, control charts are put in place to monitor that the process in under control and no changes to the process control parameters are required. Additionally, MGI also uses the data from these charts to forecast the future performance of a product or process.

Cost Benefit Analysis

By comparing the cost of quality process to expected benefit, MGI has developed several processes which have effectively facilitated the products to meet it qualitative parameters as required.

Lean management

All the practices mentioned above result in an organization where management is lean, wastage & variations are minimized with a better focus on quality management and improvement.

  • Lean
  • Wastage
  • Variations