Hundreds of employees working in multiple shifts and handling expensive machinery is what makes Mithila Group of Industries tick. Catering to the customer’s diverse needs, MGI has five manufacturing facilities set up in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh producing thousands of tons every month.

Mithila Plywood Private Limited –

Unit 1 (Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh)

All of it started amid a 2.5-acre plot in Uttar Pradesh with 1 tape extrusion machine and 12 weaving machines that could manufacture upto 700 tons per annum. With a constraint on the financial investment to buy equipment and to spend on research and development, all we needed was a long-term strategy and the determination to execute it. Accordingly, we set customer loyalty as our long term objective and started our operations subsequently. In just 4 years, we gathered sufficient resources and became a large manufacturer with a total of 3 extrusion machines and over 100 weaving machines. Mithila Plywood Private Limited is our biggest manufacturing unit with a brand name that has.

Vinayak Polytex Private Limited –

Unit 1 (Maneri, Madhya Pradesh)

Vinayak Polytex Private Limited –

Unit 2 (Chanduali, Uttar Pradesh)

Jabalpur Polytex Private Limited –

(Richai, Madhya Pradesh)

As our business grew, these customers turned out to be the biggest assets for us. Continuous satisfaction of quality steered them do to more business with us. Moreover, with our mindset of customer loyalty, MGI grew exponentially. This resulted in setting up of three more manufacturing units in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh which aided our capability to execute bulk orders. Having a total of 6 extrusion machines and over 250 weaving manchines by this point of time, helped us achieve various cost advantag-es like economies of scale and experience curve. This helped us to make further investments in research and development for improving the quality of packaging across our organization.

Mithila Plywood Private Limited –

Unit 2 (Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh)

Our latest expansion i.e. Mithila Plywood Private Limited Unit – 2 is our flagship manufacturing unit equipped with high speed machinery with state-of-the-art technology. Additionally, this unit has been furnished with flooring which is non – porous, anti slip and moisture resistant for better hygiene in compliance with enhanced quality standards. With the addition of this unit, MGI now manufactures Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) for industrial bulk packaging and has augmented its scope to provide innovative solution for all manners of packaging.

MGI Quality Production

Currently, we have grown to became a respectably sizeable organization with a total annual capacity of 29000 M.T. All our manufacturing units have 100% integrated in house testing equipment used for testing the qualitative parameters of production. Furthermore, all the units now are installed with both i.e. manual and fully automated conversion lines for manufacturing bags as per the requirement of the customers.