Corporate Social Responsibility


MGI actively takes responsibility for company’s effects on social wellbeing and environment.

A number of initiatives at MGI shows continuous commitment to be a good corporate citizen and contribute to economic growth while developing the quality of life of its workforce and society at large.

Social Wellbeing and Environment

Contribute to Economic Growth

Developing the Quality of Life

Education for all

Being a consistent donator of Maharshi Balmiki Sewa Sansthan which a non – governmental organization (working in Uttar Pradesh, India), MGI has donated funds for education wherein children from schedule caste and schedule tribe families are educated in schools in the remote areas of Uttar Pradesh. MGI firmly believes that lack of education is the root cause for unemployment and poverty. Moreover, education also results in an inclusive growth which has a number of direct and ancillary impacts on the life of these children. Therefore, the group has joined hands with Maharshi Balmiki Sewa Sansthan to shape a better future for these children.

Uplifting the Backward

MGI donates funds to the Lions Club regularly. With the help of this organization, MGI has empowered and encouraged countless people to provide selfless community service to the society. The group has been actively engaged in meeting the social, economic, environmental and cultural needs of the deprived and undeserved classes of the society.