About Us

The Company

The inception of MGI dates back to 1998, when the company was started in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh with a capacity to manufacture 700 tons per annum. Fast forward 20 years, Mithila Group has expanded to become one of the largest manufacturers in this field. At present the group has five manufacturing units in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, aiding a massive capacity of 29000 tons per annum. Such stupendous growth has only been possible by continuous focus on the customers, constant investment in research, development and innovation.

With the continuous delivery of quality, MGI made its first big corporate client in the year 2000

This year marked an important milestone in MGI’s growth journey. It opened the doors of opportunities and called for a change in the foundational principles of management as supplying products to the reorganised sector required enhanced skill sets. There has been no looking back ever since.




Consistency in Supply

Execution of Prompt Deliveries

Sales Quality Assurance

Customization & Commitment

Our Vision
To be become a global packaging enterprise with innovative solutions for all manner of packaging.
Our Mission
To continuously invest in research and development creating an innovative infrastructure which will promote holistic growth of the enterprise.

Our Values

Quality Leads!
Quality performance is directly related to the quality management practices. Certified by the world’s most recognized quality management system i.e. ISO 9001 standards, the team at MGI makes sure that quality of products is constantly monitored and improved upon. The facilities at MGI have in house testing equipment on which the products are tested on a number of qualitative parameters. MGI continuously monitors the performance indicators derived from these qualitative parameters to keep a track of the quality of products manufactured.
Corporate governance
Sound corporate governance practices are essential to the growth of an organization. MGI firmly believes that it is not enough to merely be profitable. The company is determined in demonstrating ethical behavior, good corporate citizenship and environmental awareness to create transparency between all the of the company along with the alignment of their respective objectives.
Synergy Creation & Stakeholder Satisfaction
Common interests, common values and complementary talents have often led to new ideas about products and services. The core leadership of MGI has created synergy by creating an organizational culture based on values shared by all stakeholders.
Growth and Innovation – Do more with less
Continuous progress of the group has been imperative to fund all the new investments. Investments like research and development, innovation and acquiring talent has shaped an infrastructure for inclusive growth which has been a critical driver for company’s overall performance. This type of infrastructure has resulted in a self sustained growth for MGI.